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BoKEA: an Easy and Profitable Concept


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At BoKEA, we know that the price is a determining factor when it comes to doing home improvements projects or starting a new construction.

However, cutting down on costs doesn’t always mean you need to compromise on quality. We offer you the possibility to enjoy the practicality of the IKEA® "home living concept", combined with high-end fronts of BoKEA.

Here’s how the concept works and why you should consider BoKEA during your next home decorating or renovation project.

3 easy steps

How Does BoKEA Work?

BoKEA promises simple and hassle-free home improvement projects. What we do is simply add our high-end fronts on the cabinets already sold by IKEA®.

Use the IKEA® Kitchen Planner to design and organize your space and let BoKEA take care of your cabinet fronts. All you need to do is order the cabinets + hardware (hinges and drawers) from the Swedish giant, and then order our fronts that match your IKEA® plan.


  • If you’re looking for a turnkey service, our certified BoKEA designers can also take care of your project from beginning to end. Hello simplicity!

Why Choose BoKEA?
Several advantages make BoKEA a partner of choice in the making of your new kitchen, wardrobe or any space that requires cabinets.

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Save Big Without Compromise

Many shop at IKEA® because it’s cost-effective. Others, with customization and quality as their priority, turn to cabinetmakers to organize their home. BoKEA is the perfect solution to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can save a lot of money by purchasing the most standard version of the IKEA® cabinets that proudly displays your style with BoKEA’s high-end fronts.

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Your Dream Design is in Your Reach

Purchasing an IKEA® kitchen or furniture usually comes with design limitations. BoKEA offers different collections that include a variety of designs issued from different wood species. Our Northern Wood collection, for example, lets you decorate your IKEA® cabinets with either Walnut, Maple, Birch, or Red Oak or White Oak. These woods are customized to your liking whether a Satin finish, GrayWash or WhiteWash. We also offer our fronts without any finishes so that you can put your own!

One of our most innovative collections, called Boreal, allows you to play with HDF (High Density Fiberboard) wood panels with the following colors: black, white, dark or light grey, dark or light blue, dark or light green. If that’s not enough, you can also choose any shade from the Benjamin Moore® palette. Thus, a world of possibilities opens up to you.

Our collections are available in 6 choice of designs: Slab, Shaker, 5 pieces, Traditional, Slim and Grip.


Quality Before Anything Else

Another point in our philosophy is to make long-lasting products that’ll support you and your family throughout the years.

In this sense, BoKEA manufactures high-end fronts that are designed with rigorous processes for each collection.

Don’t be fooled by the enticing prices of the melamine fronts! With a little more investment, the raw material offered by BoKEA allows you to enjoy an unequaled value for money.

Fast Service and Exemplary Support

IKEA®’s delivery time is really fast compared to other cabinetmaker.

We are committed to deliver your fronts in 30 days. With that in mind, you can plan your renovation or construction projects in peace, knowing that your BoKEA order will quickly arrive at your door.

Contact us now for more information. Let’s start designing your dream home.