Terms of Use

At BoKEA, two of our most important goals are: (1) to manufacture high quality products and (2) to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we are proud to provide you with these warranties on our products under the following terms and conditions:


All warranties, exclusions, conditions below apply only and solely to the original purchaser.

As the original purchaser of the product(s), only he can judge the delivery, handling, installation and use of the product.


As the original purchaser of the product(s), the warranty may only apply to you. This guarantee will therefore be respected as long as you hold the product purchased with BoKEA. In other words, under no circumstances is this warranty transferable.

BoKEA undertakes to deliver facades free of manufacturing defects as published by the latter. BoKEA's pre-shipment inspection protocols are extremely rigorous. However, if you notice a manufacturing defect during your handling, you must mention it to BoKEA within 72 hours of receiving your product, regardless of the product. We therefore recommend inspecting each product upon receipt. We also remind you that the inspection of the condition of your packages upon receipt is entirely your responsibility. If there is damage to the packages, it will be necessary to mention it immediately to the delivery person on site so that he can follow up with us. We recommend that you take extreme care when handling and installing our products.

Our warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, alterations, exposure to abnormal environmental conditions such as excessive exposure to water, sun, cold, damage related to storage, handling or inappropriate installation. If during your normal use, a material or manufacturing defect is noted, you must notify us as soon as possible by email.

A 2-year warranty applies to all our fronts, panels, kickplates, trims and shelves with so-called normal use.

A 5-year warranty applies to our accessories with so-called normal use.

No guarantee on our samples.

When it comes to any product made from wood, you will definitely get a unique product. It is important to understand that BoKEA has no control over the characteristics such as grain, veining, tint and wood texture of the same species. It is therefore impossible for BoKEA to imitate these characteristics from one order to another. BoKEA will not consider any request or comment before and after ordering for this kind of specification.

In case of doubt and in order to avoid errors such as taking measurements and design choices, we suggest that you hire professionals in the field. No refund or exchange can be made for any error related to poor measurement, poor choice of finish or design, texture, grain or unwanted grain direction. Certified BoKEA Professionals are individuals/companies not employed by BoKEA, we simply check their compliance during our first contact, then we will carry out a quality control following the visit of these professionals with our customers. At no time will BoKEA be liable for the services offered, the work carried out or any prejudice to the client by these professionals. It is the client's duty to request proof of trade certifications in any form for the work requested by the suggested professionals. At no time does BoKEA follow up on the accreditations of these professionals other than its own.


  • Doors, drawer fronts, panels, kickplates, trims and floating shelves:

All our sales of fronts, side panels, decorative strips and plinths are final. You have up to a maximum of 24 hours to modify or cancel your order online. Contact us at info@bokea.ca. We will of course need your order number as well as your personal information. An email will follow to confirm that the transaction has been modified or cancelled.

  • Accessories:

If dissatisfied, we accept a period of 15 days after the date of purchase to return all accessories sold by BoKEA. Please note that customers are responsible for all shipping costs and materials must be returned in unused, resalable condition with original packaging. Contact us at info@bokea.ca with supporting photos for any return of accessories. BoKEA shall inspect the return to ensure that the merchandise is in an unused, resalable condition with their original packaging and then issue the refund.

  • Samples:

All our sample sales are final.


BoKEA is required to keep the names, passwords and other information of its customers confidential. BoKEA is not responsible for the unauthorized use of personal data, or customer account data or registration data by third parties. If the customer has serious reason to believe that his data has been misused, he must immediately inform BoKEA and collaborate in any action aimed at restoring the security and integrity of the system and of the compromised personal data. BoKEA may, upon Customer's request, transfer the latter's information as a service request to BoKEA-accredited professionals. This request will be made through the BoKEA website.


For the moment, we deliver for free everywhere in Quebec and Ontario.

  • Delivery time

30 business days for our fronts, panels, kickplates, trims and floating shelves.

7 business days for our accessories.

7 business days for our samples.

  • Delivery method

For simple management and organization, BoKEA offers simple and safe delivery via a certified delivery company. The carrier will contact you as soon as the order is picked up until you pick it up at your home.

  • Delivery reception

The carrier will contact you and coordinate the delivery of your order with you. Don't worry, our carrier offers flexibility up to 5 business days. If you are unable to free yourself during these 5 days, you are subject to additional transport costs. The carrier will require your signature to confirm receipt of your order. Even if the chances of breakage during transport are low, we still prefer to make you aware. So before signing, make sure to check that all the boxes are in good condition, no holes in the boxes, no soaking or signs of any impact. If you notice any problem you must photograph the package in question, indicate it to the carrier. Once signed, you are responsible for the proper handling and use of your items. Our kitchens containing more than 10 items are sent on a pallet to facilitate transport.