Terms of Use


The warranties, exclusions, and conditions mentioned below concern only the original purchaser and apply exclusively to them. As the original purchaser, you are the only one able to evaluate the quality of the delivery, handling, installation, and use of the products.

Warranty and Exclusion

The warranty is offered to you, the original purchaser of the products, and is valid as long as you own the item purchased from Bokea. In other words, the warranty cannot be transferred to another person.

Service Purchase

Bokea's service offerings, such as the creation of plans or baskets, are supports and project accompaniments. These services are part of a global project carried out by a building professional or by yourself. Bokea is not responsible for errors related to measurements provided by the client, non-compliant dimensions if technical sheets are not communicated beforehand, modifications occurring after the service provision or order, the management of the kitchen installation, damages incurred during installation, incorrect application of the installation plan, or changes made to materials after delivery.

For each service, a video conference appointment is organized at the beginning of the project. For planning services, a second consultation can be scheduled if necessary. If major changes are made to the plan or basket, the purchase of a new service is required by the client. No refund for the planning or basket service will be made.

Bokea baskets do not constitute firm offers and the price of items may change without notice.

Bokea Product Purchase

No refund or exchange is possible for measurement errors, choice of finish, design, texture, grain, or grain orientation.

Each wood product is unique and Bokea cannot control variations in grain, vein, color, or texture of the same type of wood. Therefore, Bokea cannot guarantee the exact replication of these characteristics from one order to another. It is advisable to order all wood products at the same time to minimize shade variations. Wood products require a finish to be used, including those sold without a prior finish.

For products with a lacquered finish, Bokea offers all shades of Benjamin Moore without warranty against scratches or other damage after delivery. It is recommended to follow the instructions to ensure optimal drying.

Polymer products are covered by a 10-year warranty, excluding damages resulting from misuse, improper installation, unauthorized modifications, inadequate storage, or exposure to temperatures above 85°C.

Orders for handles are final and non-returnable. It is possible to see the models in our showroom in Montreal or to order a sample before making a full order.

It is recommended to purchase samples through our website to confirm the desired appearance. For wood samples, you can choose the finish from a selection available.

Bokea does not distribute IKEA products and is not responsible for unforeseen events or modifications on their part.

Countertop Purchase

The warranties related to countertops are provided by the installer and the manufacturer.


Delivery is offered free of charge throughout the province of Quebec and in Ontario. Fees apply for other provinces and the United States.

The buyer will be contacted by phone 48 hours before the delivery to schedule the day and time. If the delivery address changes, it is imperative to inform us as early as possible at info@Bokea.co. In case of non-notification of a change of address before delivery, a delivery fee of $90 will be applied.


Payments can be made on our site by bank transfer, credit card, or via Affirm. The production of your order will not begin until full payment is received.

Promotion Restriction

Please note that our promotions cannot be combined. It is not possible to combine two promotions or to apply an additional discount to an existing promotion. This policy ensures a fair and transparent experience for all our customers. We invite you to select the offer that best suits your needs during your purchase. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Bokea Accredited Professionals

Professionals accredited by Bokea are independent individuals or companies, verified for their initial compliance and post-intervention service quality. Bokea is not responsible for the services offered or the work performed by these professionals. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the necessary accreditations of professionals recommended by Bokea.

After-Sales Service

After receiving your order, Bokea commits to delivering products without manufacturing defects. Although our inspections are rigorous, any defect must be reported within 72 hours of receipt. It is crucial to inspect each product upon receipt. The responsibility to check the condition of packages upon delivery lies with you. In case of damage, it is important to report it immediately to the delivery person.

Order Modifications and Cancellations

  • Within 24 hours following the order: Modifications or cancellations are free of charge.
  • From 48 to 72 hours after the order: Modifications are possible with a fee of $50. For cancellations, a fee of $200 excluding taxes applies.
  • After 72 hours: No cancellation is possible. To add items to your order, a new order must be placed. The delivery times mentioned on the site will apply to this new order.

For any changes, contact us quickly at info@Bokea.co with your order number and personal information.


  • On HDF and wood doors, drawers front, and panels: A two-year warranty is offered for any material or manufacturing defect under normal use.
  • On polymer products: A ten-year warranty is offered from the date of purchase.
  • On handles: A two-year warranty applies for normal use.
  • Samples are not guaranteed.
  • Countertops benefit from the warranties offered by the installer and the manufacturer, with varying conditions and durations.


Bokea commits to protecting the confidentiality of your information. We are not responsible for unauthorized use of your data by third parties. In case of suspicion of misuse of your data, inform Bokea immediately to help restore the security and integrity of compromised data. Upon request, Bokea can transfer your information to accredited professionals.