Karisma by Tafisa

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“A stunning realism, indistinguishable” 

Untitled design 61
  • The "Slab" model features a contemporary design crafted from MDF boards, highlighted by high thermal resistance and a 1mm edge banding. Engineered to the highest standards of durability, this meticulous finish ensures a long-lasting and sophisticated appearance, ideal for modern interiors seeking a sleek and robust surface.

  • Door thickness:  3/4''

Untitled design 60
  • The classic "Shaker" model marries simplicity with traditional elegance, featuring a timeless design crafted from MDF with a particle board center and 1mm edge banding. This combination ensures both durability and stability, making it ideal for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere with a touch of classic charm.

  • Door thickness:  3/4''

  • Rails width : 2 7/8''

Untitled design 55
  • The "Slim Shaker" model features a minimalist and sleek design, crafted from MDF. It boasts a precise, seamless frame with a 5/8 inch profile and a 1mm edge banding, emphasizing modern sophistication. Ideal for contemporary interiors seeking elegance and simplicity.

  • Door thickness: 3/4''

  • Rails width :  5/8''