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How to Properly Plan a Home Renovation Project?


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You finally decided to renovate your home. Regardless of the size of the project, doing home renovations requires thoroughness and planning. Indeed, it’s not always easy to stay consistent with your priorities, budget and expectations… The stress factor and the ‘’might as well’’ response can quickly take over. The key? Preparation! But what are the elements to take into consideration before undertaking a home renovation project?

What not to Forget Before Undertaking a
Home Renovation Project

What’s the main goal of your project? The answer to this question will guide you and determinate all of your decisions. Make sure to have a clear and realistic game plan to really make your project come true. So here are, thus, five tips to remember before transforming your cozy nest into a construction site! After all, feeling good at home feels good!

Liste de priorite
1. Do a List of Priorities

It’s undoubtedly the first thing to do! It’s easier to identify your needs and plan a realistic budget if your priorities are laid out. Obviously give priority to essential changes.

Remember! Include to your list the work that you’re planning on doing yourself (furniture assembling, painting, etc.) and the work that’ll be done by a professional (designers, etc.).

Psst! Now’s the time to reach out to your contacts! Indeed, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the people around you to complete certain tasks. Also, contact different and well-referenced specialists or professionals before signing a contract. You could be surprised by the price range…

2. Establish a Renovation Budget

Establishing a budget is one thing, following it is another! These two elements are crucial for allowing you to complete your home renovation project. If you don’t have a specific budget, ensure to still determine an acceptable and realistic range. This way, you’ll project yourself in time and see what tasks can be undertaken in the short term or long term.

You think your budget isn’t sufficient for your aspirations? Don’t jump too fast to conclusions. There are solutions for all budgets. For example, for your kitchen, washroom or wardrobe cabinets, Bokea is the best compromise for a product that’s aesthetically pleasing, of good quality and actually affordable. Our cover panels come in natural wood or in HDF and perfectly dress your IKEA® cabinets.

Pro Tip:
Foresee a cash buffer for unexpected costs! It should represent a 10% to 15% addition to your budget. Despite the thoroughness of a meticulous plan, the course of events can quickly shift…

Prevoir imprevu
3. Expect the Unexpected

Everything can’t always run smoothly! Even the best game plan can be modified. Prepare yourself mentally for possible twists to avoid the feelings of stress or discouragement. On the contrary, be open to changes! They can turn out to be positive at the end of the day.

Good to know:
Expecting the unexpected means to be ready to sacrifice some things if additional costs come along the way. So why not make a list of desired, but unnecessary elements ? These ideas can be looked at and realized at the end of the project if the budget allows it.

4. Make Logical Choices

This advice can be applied to all the decisions made in any of the renovation project phases. Don’t take unnecessary risks - they could turn out to be very costly! Here are some recommendations to keep in mind:

- Choose high-quality, durable, affordable and practical products and materials;

- Contact professionals for advice;

- Listen to your body and your mind to not burn out;

- Do business with specialists to avoid unpleasant surprises or incidents;

- Do not make any spontaneous decisions…

Psst! Don’t be afraid to shop! Whether it’s to find a contractor, specialized worker, products, raw materials or decorative elements, this additional research could happen to be very beneficial in the long run, not only for your design, but also your wallet.

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5. Don’t Neglect Mental Preparation

Doing home renovations rhymes with putting in work. It’s costly in terms of money but also in terms of time! With this kind of project, you’ll most likely go through a rollercoaster of emotions: enthusiasm, anxiety, tiredness, scare, discouragement, rethinking… You’ll ask yourself many times: ‘’did I make the right choices?’’, ‘’will the end result be worth it?’’, ‘’will I have to spend even more money?’’... Damn!

Without a doubt, home improvements can become a heavy burden to carry on your shoulders. However, by keeping your initial goal in mind, it’ll give you the strength to keep going despite the ups and downs. You’re ready. So breathe. The journey is worth it!