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BoKEA : the quality of woodwork for a fraction of the price



BoKEA is the optimal solution to enhance the appearance of your kitchen, without spending all of your savings. Thanks to the high-end fronts, we offer you the possibility to combine the financial benefits of IKEA® kitchen cabinets and the superior quality of our products worthy of the best woodworking. Let’s zoom in on the differences between an IKEA® furniture, a set of BoKEA fronts and a structure made by a cabinetmaker.

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Magasin IKEA

Basic materials

IKEA® uses basic materials such as melamine, wood fiber boards and polypropylene plastic. These composites are resistant, but not as much as natural wood, like BoKEA. However, the hardware sold by IKEA® is just as good quality as the hardware sold by a cabinetmaker. Because it’s produced in higher volume, IKEA® sells it for a fraction of the price.

Practical, but standard

Since its creation, IKEA® has outweighed pretty much all of the furniture stores. The Swedish giant can offer clients such affordable prices because of its high production. Its creations are then found all over the world, in different households, which reduces the character of unicity of your home. The IKEA® fronts are limited in terms of colours and designs.

The best hardware in the world

The name Blum® has nothing to prove: this Swedish hardware store has a turnover of 2.6 billion dollars and supplies every IKEA® store in the entire world. It’s also because of this partnership that IKEA® can afford to sell its merchandise at such a low cost.

Cuisine ebeniste

Exorbitant price points

Their talent is irrefutable. Woodworkers can create the most amazing cabinetry. The kitchens are high quality and tailor-made, but the costs are often astronomical. So only a small portion of the population can afford this type of service.

Undeniable quality

Of course, the quality of the furniture built by a woodworker is non-negotiable. They use raw wood and offer a wide variety of wood types and finishes.

Long delays

Because every little detail is entirely done by hand, the work of a woodworker can take up to 5 months to create, if not more. Thus, you must plan a project ahead of time, not be rushed, and anticipate delays!

Cuisine Bokea

Complementary to IKEA® products

Our fronts complete the structure of IKEA® kitchen cabinets, with a superior appearance and unique finish. We aim to work in synchrony with the Swedish giant. However, unlike the limited fronts options at IKEA®, we offer different types of wood and several collections.

Significant savings

Thus, a BoKEA kitchen represents the perfect alternative to enjoy the service of a cabinetmaker for a fraction of the price. To be precise, the cost of an IKEA® kitchen is around $8,000 (the costs can vary a lot), whereas the cost of a tailor-made kitchen by a woodworker is on average $24,000.

By choosing BoKEA, the bill would come up to approximately $12,000, which represents considerable savings and, thus, the best compromise.

Echantillon bois du nord
Echantillon Couleur Boreale

These 2 collections are available in 6 distinct models: the Shaker, the 5-piece, the Traditional, the Slab, the Slim and the Grip.

Short delivery time

At BoKEA, we deliver the high-end fronts in 30 days. This way, you can enjoy the short delivery time of your IKEA® kitchen cabinets, and ours too. Your dream projects can then become reality in the snap of a finger.