Home tour: The kitchen of Aimable désordre

When she embarked on the renovation of her midcentury home, Joanna wanted to maintain a modern, minimalist aesthetic. For her kitchen, she dreamed of natural materials like wood and a well-organized space. She invites us into her home to discover her Bokea kitchen. Let's have a tour.

DESIGN AND INSTALLATION: Joanna - Aimable désordre


With its modern design, clean lines and predominant use of wood, this freshly renovated kitchen is a true tribute to the iconic midcentury style. This timeless kitchen has it all!

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Bokea trim and finishes

Doors, drawer fronts and panels



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IKEA® furniture structure

Cabinets, drawers and hinges




This price excludes countertop, glass fronts and installation.

Hometour Aimabledesordre cuisine frame
Framed looking fronts

The originality of this kitchen lies in its installation with dividers. To make her idea come true, Joanna inserted vertical footers between each cabinet. The result is both original and upscale.

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A midcentury-inspired kitchen

Bright and well-thought-out, this walnut kitchen with integrated handles features many of IKEA's customization options, such as oil and spice drawers and an electrical push opener trash can drawer.

The choice of materials

Hometour Aimable desordre materiaux







Walnut is a rich, warm wood with medium to dark brown tones. The satin finish enhances the wood's natural beauty and preserves its natural grain. The integrated Grip design handle lets the beauty of the wood shine through.

"What I love is all the little things that make a kitchen go from IKEA to top-of-the-range. And the walnut finish! I can't believe how beautiful it is."

- Joanna

Photos and video by Simply Us for Bokea
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