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Home tour: The kitchen of Lucie Rhéaume

Bright and welcoming, that's the guiding principle of this kitchen. Lucie Rhéaume, entrepreneur and active woman, wanted a modern and minimalist design that seamlessly blends with the charm of the old. The integration of high-end wooden facades and built-in handles proved to be the perfect solution to meet her needs.

DESIGN : Atelier Composé - PHOTOS : Simply Us


A kitchen that exudes well-being! With its clean surfaces, modern accents, and brick wall, this room invites tranquility and culinary creativity. A minimalist and warm design that sparks dreams!

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Bokea trim and finishes

Doors, drawer fronts and panels



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IKEA® furniture structure

Cabinets, drawers and hinges




This price excludes countertop and installation.

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To associate the modern with minimalism.

For practicality, integrated 'grip' handles have been chosen for its drawers and doors. This provides a continuity of lines while maintaining the minimalist aspect of the design.

Like Lucie, it is possible to choose built-in appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator) for an even sleeker kitchen.

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The Flat Cut

This cut provides a modern look while retaining the charm of the knots and wood grain.

The choice of materials

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White Oak (island) - HDF (wall section)


Satin (island) - Shroom HC-172 (wall section)



The island: Lucie has decided to be charmed by our satin white oak for its drawers and doors, with the grip design and stripe design for the back panels and sides. The combination of the two makes the island unique and high-end.

The wall section: To achieve a minimalist effect, the chosen color for the rest of the kitchen is a warm white by Benjamin Moore.

3 words to capture the essence of this kitchen: streamlined, elegant, and functional

Photos and video by Simply Us for Bokea

Why choose Bokea?

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